Full service H2 concept for the marine sector

Linde can provide a full technology and service hydrogen solution to the marine sector. Liquid hydrogen can be supplied from Linde’s new 24MW electrolyzer at the Leuna Chemical Complex in Germany, which uses PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology to produce green hydrogen. Linde can also build and install onshore and onboard hydrogen storage, distribution and safety equipment.

Safety & Regulations

Safety is our first priority! We have vast experience of safety assessments and finding optimal solutions both from a technical, efficiency and safety perspective – covering plant concepts, storage solutions, bunkering, onboard H2 systems, procedures, releases and training of personnel.

Applications, marine sector

Hydrogen is essential across a wide range of industrial processes. Based on our end-to-end expertise, we offer a rich portfolio of application technologies for this lightweight gas for the marine sector – all ensuring it is put to the best possible use as a future-proof source of fuel for a more sustainable future.

Distribution & storage

Once the hydrogen has been processed, it needs to be transported to the point of use. We have both the equipment and the technologies to efficiently transport both gaseous and liquid hydrogen to its destination or to store it until needed. Building on our long-standing expertise in this area, we work closely with our customers to find the perfect fit for every storage and distribution challenge.

Production & processing

We produce hydrogen (H2) from a range of feedstocks and natural resources. In Europe North, our main focus is on green hydrogen, H2 production with electrolysis and generated from renewable energy sources, using ITM Power’s modular PEM electrolysis technology and Linde’s world class EPC expertise and technologies. With a broad portfolio of process and engineering technologies, we can always find the optimum solution for our customers’ requirements.