Great news to gas buyers: Linde means safer, simpler, smarter.

Discover our next generation services, available free of charge to our customers online. Save time, meet legal demands and make use of handy self-service, anytime and anywhere.

Ensure the best quality of care and safety.

Our next generation digital services make it easier for you to report your use of medical gases. Our free eLearning courses help you to maintain the best quality of care and patient safety.

Improve productivity, fulfil your safety requirements.

Accessing your cylinder rental reports and opting for certificates will help you optimize productivity. You can also use our free eLearning courses to promote safety in your company.

Optimized profitability and convenient ordering 24/7.

With our new digital services, available around-the-clock, you can focus on delivering fresh and high-quality products. Look into your cylinder reports and opting for certificates will help you optimize productivity.

Stay up to date on cylinders and gas consumption, place orders easily.

Our new features make it easy to keep track of all cylinders on your construction site and to order more gas quickly. It’s also simple to follow your gas consumption with handy reports available.

Take care of safety, keep track of cylinders, order more easily.

Using our new eLearning features, it’s easier to ensure safety in your company. We have also made it simple to check how many cylinders you currently have and to order more when needed.

Order conveniently, meet regulations, optimize productivity.

With our next generation digital services you can focus on product development. Make sure you meet legal requirements, optimize production costs by using new report features and buying certificates.
Linde Online Shop
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Productive way to buy gas
Save time ordering and purchasing gas online. Find the information you need on orders and products.
By being a Linde customer, you get access to the information you need related to your gas purchases, consumption and rentals, all in one place. Go to the My Account area in the Online Shop to find many tools that make purchasing and handling gases and renting gases and renting cylinders easier, smarter and safer for you.
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Be an expert in safely handling gas
Learn how to safely handle your gases and cylinders. Find and share free courses.
Get access to some free courses as part of being a Linde Online Shop customer. These courses will help you safely handle your cylinders and meet legal demands. You can share the courses with as many team members as you wish, as they will be assigned for all your customer numbers. There are also additional courses available for purchase.
Gas Comsumption
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Effortless reporting
Meet legal requirements by reporting your gas consumption. We make it simple. You become more productive.
Check how much gas you have purchased from us with our gas consumption report. Quickly identify which gases were flammable, toxic or dangerous. See how many cylinders / m3 / liters you have used up and use that information for your reports.
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Answers on the spot
Get instant answers from our new chatbot 24/7.
The chatbot is programmed to help you solve the most common issues you can face. Get information about invoices, orders, products, rentals and the Linde Online Shop by interacting with our bot. Is the answer not available? No worries, the information you have supplied will reach our customer service or sales team who will get back to you with an answer. Our chatbot is initially available only for Sweden.
Rental Certificates Online
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Now easier than ever
Purchase or renew your Rental Certificates quickly in our Online Shop. Get information on your currently active certificates and what they cover.
Buying and keeping track of your Rental Certificates is now easier. Log into the Linde Online Shop and purchase or renew your certificates to make sure you avoid paying daily rentals and benefit from the discount. In the My Account area, you will find a new certificate report that will help you see how many certificates you have active and when they expire.
Cylinder and Rental Information
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Smarter decisions with our reports
Our new reports give you access to valuable information and improved transparency, which will help you make smarter choices and save time, money and become more productive
In your cylinder balance report, you can see how many cylinders you currently have in stock and when they were delivered. With the new rental coverage report, you can see how many cylinders are covered by your certificates and how many are on daily rental. Want to buy more certificates? Our system recommends the best certificate available to cover your different types of cylinders. Finally, get a detailed view into all the transactions that have affected your rental payment in our new Rental Invoice report.
Scan to inventory
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Keep up on your cylinders
Do an inventory the quickest way possible with our new service.
Scan all the cylinders in your inventory and get a report that says how many you have scanned and which products they are. Open the Linde Online Shop app, select the Scan to Report and point your phone to the ICC barcode on your cylinder. This is the easiest way to keep control of all your cylinders. Service not included in Finland and only available for products with an ICC barcode.
Scan to order
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Barcodes make shopping easy
Order products by scanning barcodes in just a few clicks.
With the Linde Online Shop app, you can now order by scanning a cylinder barcode. Once scanned, the new material will be added to your shopping cart. If the cylinder does not belong to you, the tool will let you know. Service not included in Finland and only available for products with an ICC barcode.
Upcoming service
Liquid Gas Management
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Access information for each tank
This upcoming service will provide you with valuable information about your tank status and liquid orders.
If you purchase liquid gas and have tank installations, you can use the new Liquid Gas Management service for access to information about each of your tanks. Find out, for example, how much liquid is left inside, when the last refill was and when the next one is expected. You can also place additional orders for liquid when expecting an increase in usage, or request maintenance or service support.
Upcoming service
Risk Assessment
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Stay up to date on safety
With this upcoming service, you can check if you are up to speed with the latest regulations regarding safe handling of gases and cylinders.
Get free access to our self-service questionnaire that will allow you to see if you are handling cylinders according to the latest safety standards. We will send you a summarized report of actions required to meet regulations.
Upcoming service
Stock aging report
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Quickly identify how long your gas has been in stock
With the Stock Rotation report, you can optimize your usage of cylinders and identify when it is time to return empty ones.
You will also be able to identify how long the cylinder has been in your stock and if there are any potential differences between the cylinders you see and what is in your holdings.

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